DemandZEN is a lead generation services company focused on account-based appointment setting for companies in the B2B Technology space.
51-200 employees
Lead generation
North Carolina
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Business challenge

Bart Bartlett, DemandZEN’s CEO read about Emergency SavingsAccounts (ESAs) as an employee benefit in the Wall Street Journal. Given the tight hiring market, Bart recognized the benefit of helping his employees feel more financially secure. His company's success relies heavily on retaining his experienced staff.“ As a CEO, I want my team to feel appreciated and secure. I believe an Emergency Savings Account (ESA) is the foundation of financial well-being and can relieve day-to-day financial stress.” Bart reached out to his benefit provider, Bennie Health who researched ESA options.

Why SecureSave?

Bennie recommended SecureSave because it was the only option with high employee participation and little administrative burden for HR. After seeing a demonstration of the SecureSave application, DemandZEN felt “that SecureSave was the best path to encourage employee savings.” Employees can sign up in three clicks. Employee matching is automated and comes directly out of payroll so administration is very light.

“SecureSave gave us an easy way to encourage savings and support our employees. And, we were up and running in under a week. SecureSave has become the most rapidly adopted financial benefit for employees in our company’s history. Employees love it!”

Bart Bartlett, CEO of DemandZEN

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