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Why SecureSave?

SecureSave makes saving for emergencies easy and rewarding. Create an account in seconds, get matching contributions from your employer, and access your money whenever you need it. We help set an achievable savings goal and get you prepared for the unexpected.

Your own emergency savings account

Sign up in 30 seconds

Easily enroll and start saving through elective paycheck deferrals.

Get matches from your employer

Get employer matches and bonuses for enrolling and hitting your savings goals.

Access your money at any time

Get your money instantly and easily. Access additional employer benefits and resources that can help you in a time of need.

Why save with SecureSave

You are in full control

Set a personalized savings plan, define a goal and how much to save each paycheck. Cancel or adjust at any time.

Earn savings matches from your employer

Earn savings matches from your employer

Some employers with SecureSave help you start and build your emergency fund with a match.

Automatically save with each paycheck

Build your savings each paycheck. With SecureSave, saving for the unexpected is easy and automatic.

Access your savings at any time, for any reason

Your savings are available to you when you need them, for any reason, without penalty or delay.

Get help with the unexpected

SecureSave is there to help you save AND to navigate the unexpected in life, with resources, tips and solutions, just when you need them most.

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Employers sponsor benefits that their employees are asking for. By joining our waiting list and telling us who your employer is, it helps us build awareness and tell your employer that SecureSave is a benefit that you want them to offer.