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SecureSave can provide employees with the financial security they need to weather unexpected emergencies.

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1 Employer matches and bonuses are at the discretion of each employer and may not be offered by all employers.

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Web, Android, and iOS apps for employee convenience

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Your company can provide you with payroll matches, signup, and milestone bonuses

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Dedicated support staff to help you and you co-workers when they need

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Customizable employee resources in our portal to articles, other employee benefits, and company resources

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Discover why employer-sponsored emergency savings is right for you and your company

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Industry-high adoption and savings retention

62% of employees sign up for the SecureSave program on average and 87% of funds are retained4

Features you want in emergency savings

SecureSave offers the features you want in an emergency savings account, including:

- A free account
- FDIC insurance2
- An interest rate, so your money grows
- Employer incentives, including sign-up bonus, paycheck match, and milestone bonuses available3

2 SecureSave is not a bank. Banking services, including FDIC insurance, are provided by Wells Fargo N.A. and Stearns Bank N.A.

3 Availability of incentives is based on your employer and may not apply in all situations.

4 Statistics on employee sign-up rate and fund retention are from internal SecureSave data as of December 2023.

SecureSave makes a difference

With so much financial uncertainty for the average American, SecureSave offers a solution that eases your financial stress. You can save an average of over $1,000 in just one year.


of Americans can’t afford a $400 expense

The average American can’t cover even a relatively small emergency — needing to borrow money or utilize a credit card instead.5


of Americans take hardship withdrawals from their 401k

The annual rate of 401(k) hardship withdrawals has climbed to a several-year-high of 2.4% due to rises in interest rates, inflation, and other factors.6


of employees cite ESAs as their top-choice new benefit

When compared to other benefits like HSAs, student loan repayment, and mental health support, ESAs were most popular.7

5 US Federal Reserve Economic Well-Being of U.S Households in 2022.

6 According to data from Fidelity in 2023, via CBS News.

7 SecureSave study published August 2023

Hear from employees like you

"Having this easy to set up account that I contribute to automatically with payroll deductions is a game changer."

Laura O.

Senior center employee

"I like the slight delay in obtaining funds, but that they are still reasonably accessible."

Shani H.

Law firm employee

How it works

It’s easy to get started with SecureSave. Once your company is signed up, you can get started in just two minutes.


Create your SecureSave account

You'll receive an invitation email with a link to sign up — click the link to take you to SecureSave and you'll create your account.


Link your bank account

Once you've created your account, you'll want to link your bank account. You can link either a checking or savings account.


Choose your contribution

Your employer will have a default contribution, in many cases required to earn a match. Choose what you'd like to contribute from each paycheck. Then you're ready to start saving.


Start saving with every paycheck

After you've set everything up, you're ready to start saving with SecureSave — watch the emergency savings start to build up.

Watch our product demo

Check out our 3-minute demo video to see an overview of the employer portal and the employee app. If you have any additional questions after viewing the demo, you'll be able to request additional information.

Get in touch

Interested in your company adopting SecureSave? If you'd like you and your co-workers to have access to workplace emergency savings, sign up here and we'll get in touch with your employer once there's enough interest.

If your employer already offers a SecureSave emergency savings account, get in touch with our support team here.

Learn why now is the time for Emergency Savings Accounts in our whitepaper