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The emergency savings solution and the benefit all employees want

With SecureSave, employees can feel prepared for life’s unexpected moments. It’s simple to set up, easy to manage, and consistently gives employers and employees peace of mind. 

Everyone wants to feel secure.

When you support your team’s financial wellness, you’re investing in their loyalty, longevity and peace of mind. Emergency savings is a high ROI benefit that employees want and need.

Simple to manage. Impactful for your team.

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For Employers

SecureSave empowers your employees to be more prepared for emergencies.

SecureSave is separate and apart from any other workplace savings program like a 401 (k) and can be deployed with ease and convenience, any time of the year.

For Employees

SecureSave makes saving for emergencies easy and rewarding.

Create an account in seconds, get matching contributions from your employer and access your money whenever you need it. We will help you set an achievable goal so you are prepared for an unexpected event.

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We are incredibly excited to offer our employees SecureSave, an emergency savings program that is not only easy for us to manage but for employees to understand and to immediately realize the direct benefit it provides. We anticipate that with SecureSave, it will help lower employees' stress and help them be better prepared to handle unexpected expenses. Also, we feel that with SecureSave as a benefit, it will help us recruit, retain and increase productivity in the years ahead, especially given the appeal of this benefit to a younger workforce.

Glen Gaidos
Glen Gaidos
CEO and founder of 3R Technology

SecureSave is an outstanding program and I think a very valuable employee benefit. The program was very easy to set up and administer. I’m very happy to report we have over 75% participation.

Jim Bailey
President of Filtec Precise

As a CEO, I want my team to feel appreciated and secure. I believe an Emergency Savings Account (ESA) is the foundation of financial well-being and can relieve day-to-day financial stress. SecureSave gave us an easy way to encourage savings and support our employees. And, we were up and running in under a week. SecureSave has become the most rapidly adopted financial benefit for employees in our company's history. Employees love it!

Bart Bartlett
CEO of DemandZen

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Employees want Emergency Savings more than any other benefit.

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