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Secure makes it easy for employers to add emergency savings accounts (ESA) to their benefits program, and helps employees build towards a healthy financial future. With Secure, employers can provide an immediate positive impact on their employees’ lives.

What we believe

We believe that emergency savings are a foundation of financial wellness. Financial security shouldn’t be a rare privilege, but an easy and attainable practice. We believe that by working together, we can control our financial destinies.

Who we are

We’re an experienced team with an in-depth understanding of technology and finance. We understand the harsh realities of financial unpreparedness firsthand; we’ve been there. We’re building Secure to be the benefit that we wish we had as employees – and one that we’re excited to offer as leaders.

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Our team has deep domain experience with Fintech & employer-sponsored benefits

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Our mission at Secure is to help people save for the unexpected and better navigate financial hardships. We have several key partners who have joined us on that mission, including: