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The emergency savings solution to help your employees feel more secure

SecureSave makes deploying emergency savings to employees a low-cost, high-impact solution that is easy to set up and administer for companies of all sizes.

Why partner with SecureSave

The highest impact benefit you can offer today

When you help your employees build an emergency fund, you help to reduce financial stress. This improves retention, reduces distractions, and increases productivity. See the positive impact SecureSave has for your company and your employees.

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Purpose built for emergency savings

Covid has pushed emergency savings to become the top new benefit solution of 2021. We are 100% focused on make sure your employees are prepared for an emergency. We won’t try to sell you anything else. We built Secure from the ground up to be easy to use, maximize adoption and to create a positive impact for both employees and employers.

Easy to deploy and manage

SecureSave is separate and apart from any other workplace savings program like a 401 (k) and can be deployed with ease and convenience, any time of the year. With no complicated training or paperwork you can launch our program within a week. Additionally, our Payroll Connect feature allows for integration with leading payroll vendors to automate contribution processing and keep in sync with payroll.

Emergency savings is the top priority for employees in 2021

70% of employees say they would participate in an emergency savings program, 90% if their employer had a $50 per year match. At Secure, we are seeing high employee adoption rate and high savings retention. Most employees keep 100% of their funds in their SecureSave account, allowing their emergency fund continual growth.

The business case for emergency savings

For employers, the research is clear, offering your employees an emergency savings program can deliver a substantial economic benefit.  Use this calculator and follow the research to learn more about the potential impact for your organization, then contact our team to learn more.

We provide a solution that is purpose-built for emergency savings.

Your employer portal allows for effortless management of the program. Our customer success team supports you throughout the entire process, from onboarding to on-going management and we collaborate on communication to ensure your team receives the most value from the program. 

Custom Built Employee App
Custom Built Employee App
Deployment Support
Quick Setup
Quick Setup
Integrate with payroll
Simple to Manage
Simple to Manage
Simple to Manage

Lack of short term savings is the #1 source of stress in America.


of your employees are stressed due to the impact of Covid on their finances. The main source of that stress is not having enough emergency savings


of employees would use an employer sponsored emergency savings program, 90% if there was an employer match


of Americans say among the top five things causing the most financial stress right now is not having enough saved


of Americans cannot deal with a $400 unplanned expense

Why provide an emergency savings solution now?

70% of employees would use an employer sponsored emergency savings program, 90% if there was an employer match

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Helping workers save for the unexpected.

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Financial matters is the top cause of stress and a major distraction at work, more than any other life stressor combined


More big companies helping workers auto-save to build emergency funds

CBS News - 2019

The most significant impact employers could make to reduce financial stress: Employer makes a contribution to my rainy day fund/Emergency Savings account

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Employers are increasingly concerned about workers’ emergency savings situation.

Aspen Institute - 2020

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