We are on a mission to help everyone feel and be secure


To help people feel and be financially secure.


Every household will have a minimum of 3 months of expenses saved for the unexpected in a dedicated emergency fund.


At SecureSave, our entire focus is on emergency savings. We believe that the key to achieving our Mission and Vision is to design and deliver the greatest emergency savings product on the market.  To do this, we partner with employers and other program sponsors to make emergency savings programs fast to deploy, easy to operate and highly impactful.  

For individuals, we want to deliver the leading emergency savings solution that combines peace of mind, ease of use and clear incentives to save.  We strive to build and maintain trust through operational excellence and consistently delivering superior results and outcomes for our customers and partners.  

Finally, we want to be the leading partner on the topic of emergency savings across a variety of segments including banking, retirement and benefit services to make emergency savings a highly integrated and complimentary solution to their core business and clientele.

Meet Our Founders

We’re an experienced team with an in-depth understanding of technology and financial services. We understand the harsh realities of financial unpreparedness firsthand; we’ve been there. We’re building SecureSave to be the benefit and financial solution that we wish we had as employees – and one that we’re excited to offer as leaders.

Suze Orman


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Suze Orman has been called "a force in the world of personal finance" and a "one-woman financial advice powerhouse" by USA Today. She is a two-time Emmy Award-winner, the author of ten NY Times Bestsellers, twice named by Time Magazine as one of the most influential people in the world and host of the extremely popular Women & Money Podcast. She is undeniably the world's most recognized expert on personal finance.

Devin Miller

Co-Founder & CEO

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Devin is an experienced executive in the consumer finance and workplace savings space. He is a veteran startup executive with 2 prior VC backed exits as CEO and Head of Product, with over 15 years of experience in business development, strategic partnerships, and digital product management. Devin is also a proven innovator with 2 issued patents in the field of software development, AI and automation.

Bassam Saliba

Co-Founder & CTO

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Bassam is an experienced entrepreneur and technology executive with 30 years in the computer industry, founding and running technology startups and leading the design and development of large-scale and mission-critical software ecosystems. He is an advisor and investor in several technology startups and he has filed over 25 patents with 11 issued. Previously Bassam was the SVP for Technology and Platform Strategy at WebMD.

Company Culture

Mission focused and principle based

Our customers and our mission to better serve them are our north star.  We use a principled based approach to serving our customers and our mission.  Our guiding principles help our business stay true to its roots, give our team members autonomy and confidence in guiding the business and they help us become the best version of us that we can be.  Building and maintaining trust with our users and stakeholders is crucial to our long-term success

Iterative and collaborative

In order to ensure we achieve our mission and to increasingly serve the needs of our customers, we must constantly learn, iterate and adapt.  By being open, collaborative and constantly communicating we will give ourselves the best chance at ongoing success for our customers, team members and partners.

Remote first

Our company was founded during the height of a pandemic, with nothing but never-ending Zoom calls and laptops to get us off the ground.  We believe that the best way to serve our community of customers, is to have a diverse workforce that is closely connected to the people, employers and partners we serve.  To stay true to our humble roots and to stay close to those we serve, and to give our team members the flexibility to live the life that makes them feel the most secure, we are a remote first, hub and spoke style technology company.

Team principles


Customer obsessed

Have empathy for our users, their needs and how to reduce the level of effort required to successfully use our product above all else.  Ensuring trust in Secure from our users and key stakeholders is crucial in our ability to serve our customers.


Mission first

We put our mission and our commitment to our users first.  We focus on our mission above short term gains and we choose partners based on their shared commitment to our mission.


Secure by all definitions

We must live up to our name, by all definitions.  We will make data security, payment processing security, financial operations as well as infrastructure stability and reliability priorities and work to be best in breed in all facets of our business.  We will also work to support a secure and safe workplace for our team members and partners.


Open and direct communication

We will be polite, inclusive and empathetic to others, while fostering an open and direct communication style built on trust that brings people together and moving in the same direction.


Disagree and commit

We will be collaborative and emphasize communication, with the intent of reaching consensus.  But at some point, we must value iteration and forward progress, even at the risk of being wrong.


Take ownership and be collaborative

Our mission is for every team member at Secure, which means every team member must take ownership to achieve it, one customer at a time.  We will collaborate and ask for help to make sure we are supporting our customers and team members, and we will not wait for others when we can lead ourselves.


Learn and be curious

Iterating and adapting start with learning and being curious.  We better serve our customers and form better partnerships when we are actively listening, learning and understanding the needs of others first.


Deliver more with less

We focus on delivering measurable results and making an impact against our mission, while conserving resources and making do with less.


Think big, start small

We have a big vision for the future and an important mission that we serve.  Achieving big things starts with making small, incremental moves and moving rapidly towards a big vision with intense focus.


Support the team

Building great products and companies and achieving big visions is a team sport that play out over a long period of time.  Our team can best iterate and collaborate towards this success when they are healthy physically and mentally and growing as individuals.

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