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3R Technology offers best-of-class environmentally responsible ITAD, e-waste recycling and secure data destruction for enterprise organizations, data centers, and government entities.
11-50 employees
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Business challenge

For companies in environmental or industrial sectors, upwards of 40% of employees don't have emergency savings, and 60% report being stressed about finances. Glen Gaidos, CEO and founder of 3R Technology wanted to find an employee benefit that will help address these concerns. In addition, he wanted a program that complements his generous 401k benefits plan and does not add additional complexity for their team or participating employees. He found his solution in offering EmergencySavings Accounts (ESAs) as an employee benefit.

Why SecureSave?

3RTechnology chose to work with SecureSave because the program is simple to manage and easy for their employees to understand and use. SecureSave provides an out-of-plan emergency savings program that is not part of the 401(k) plan which makes it easier to setup and administer. With SecureSave, they have an additional tool to support their employees with short-term needs and create a path to improved long-term financial savings. Employees appreciate that it makes it easy to save and gives them full control of their funds, with access at any time, for any reason, and without penalty or cost.

“We anticipate that with SecureSave, it will help lower employees' stress and help them be better prepared to handle unexpected expenses. Also, we feel that with SecureSave as a benefit, it will help us recruit, retain and increase productivity in the years ahead...”

Glenn Gaidos, CEO of 3R Technology

Watch our product demo

Check out our 10-minute demo video to see an overview of the employer portal and the employee app. If you have any additional questions after viewing the demo, you'll be able to request additional information.