Cascade Public Media

Cascade Public Media (CPM) is a nonprofit, publicly supported media organization serving the Pacific Northwest. KCTS Television went on-air in 1954 from the campus of the University of Washington. In 1970, KCTS 9 became part of the newly formed Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) and has been providing the region with trusted, quality programming for more than 50 years.
100-150 employees
Public Media
Seattle, WA
Program Design
Signup bonus
Per paycheck match
Match requirement
Deployment time
6 days
Adoption rate
User Retention

Business challenge

Through an extensive benefits survey conducted in August 2022, Cascade Public Media discovered many of their team members had concerns about unexpected expenses that could result from the use of credit cards or borrowing from their 401k, causing undue financial stress. One of CPM’s core values is to provide a comprehensive benefits package to their diverse employee base. Since 57% of Americans can’t afford a $1,000 emergency, it was essential for Cascade Public Media’s executive team to ensure their team members can plan and prepare for unexpected expenses with an employer-sponsored emergency savings account.

Why SecureSave?

Cascade Public Media was excited to discover SecureSave’s employer-sponsored emergency savings product. With a high adoption rate and easy-to-use interface, Cascade’s executive team knew SecureSave would provide team members with an emergency savings account to help navigate unexpected financial hurdles. For CPM, SecureSave is an integral part of their effort to offer a world-class benefits package.

“We knew we wanted to introduce SecureSave as part of our benefits package to provide immediate financial assistance to participating team members and help reduce their financial stress and plan for unexpected emergencies. Offering an emergency savings plan is part of our ongoing commitment to providing a comprehensive benefits package that caters to our team members' diverse needs.” Carole Williams, Vice President of Human Resources

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Reduce 401(k) loans & withdrawals

When employees hit a rough patch, they often turn to their 401(k) to assist with an emergency. This undermines their ability to retire on time.

Improve employee financial wellness

Finding the right financial wellness solution is no easy task. Each employee has unique needs. Financial stress can lead to a reduction in work performance and higher turnover.

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